UTILITIES (Gas & Water)

ECE3 (TIN12)

ECE3 (TIN12) generators are designed for operation with all Butt Fusion and Electrofusion equipment for the Gas & Water industries.

The generators are designed in partnership with the UK`s leading electrofusion welding unit manufacturers.

HGI Generators provide close voltage regulation, and low distortion waveform to work with the units embedded microprocessor technology which ensures that the correct power is applied to the electrofusion joint, giving the perfect weld. All our ECE3 (TIN12) generators are built to Gas Industry Standards and are CE marked.

Electrofusion Welding

Electrofusion welding is the process of joining two plastic pipes together using a single use coupler that has an integrated wire heating coil. The
electrofusion control unit supplies electricity to this coil, heating it up and causing the plastic to melt. When this cools it forms a gas-tight joint.