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  • Quick & simple backup power for your home.



    Backup power for your home. Frequent power cuts are often a way of life in rural or semi-rural locations, and the increasing threat to everyone during winter months could result in serious consequences for home and business owners.

    No matter what the cause can you afford to be plunged into darkness?
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  • Living off grid doesn’t mean living without power.



    Power to live your dreams. Are you thinking of living off-grid and need either a primary or backup generator, or maybe you live in a location where power cuts are frequent and you need a standby generator? There are many reasons you may need an alternative source of power at home, whatever the reason, we have the solution.

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  • Your best friend around the home & garden.



    Portable power when you need it. Our petrol range of sets are your best friends in the home and garden.

    We build generators for customers with a tough job to do so we manufacture heavy duty, dependable generators to do exactly what’s expected of them.

    Have a question about portable power for your home? Need help or advice? Please email us at

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