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    Powering the largest european project of our generation.


    Working with two Yorkshire-based, American-owned companies (Thrall Europa and Wabtec Rail), HGI designed and supplied more than 200 generators for use on the MRA Side-tipping ballast wagons (with Thrall) and the HQA HOBS (High-Output Ballast System) Auto-Ballaster (with Wabtec), used in the construction of CTRL (Channel Tunnel Rail Link).

    The involvement with these projects brought further work when the Clark Chapman (Cowans Sheldon) Company approached HGI with a requirement to power its own revolutionary track placement system – the RDT (Rail Delivery Train). This vehicle system would deliver and position 32 pieces of CEN60 rail, each up to 216m long, laying simultaneously either side of the train and again, with systems powered by a HGI Generator.


    Completing the Orient Express experience.


    HGI also supply power on the Orient Express in the form of an 850V DC generator intended to supply ETH (Electric Train Heating) for an Orient Express service.

    The machine was intended to reduce reliance on ETH equipped locomotives by providing the train with its own, independent ETH supply. The 205kW machine was designed to have a simple operator interface (almost literally ‘on and off’) while still incorporating more extensive diagnostic facilities for the maintainer and fulfilling its function in the safest possible way.

    The unit is completely enclosed and includes automatic fire detection and suppression and fuel transfer from a remotely located bulk supply. The machine is also equipped with both local and remote-control facilities with ‘engineer lockout’ for safe maintenance.


    A versitile solution under emergency conditions.


    Working with Jarvis Rail, HGI designed and developed a 16kVA multi-voltage road tow generator, capable of providing not only 650V single-phase for signalling but also 230V and a true 110V CTE output for site equipment and power tools.

    The unit was intended as a complete, all round packaged solution which could be deployed by a wider range of vehicles than the larger 100kVA units and would also provide a more versatile solution under breakdown or emergency conditions.

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